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Human body has the capacity to rectify problems and to repair tissues. A disease is a manifestation of conditions that overcome this natural capacity. It is the belief of doctors at Institute of Regenerative Medicine that modern techniques can be used to identify factors that predispose an individual towards certain medical conditions. If he is already afflicted by a disease, we find out the root cause instead of suppressing symptoms.


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Dr. Jaime Midez,

Dr. Jaime Midez is a physician in functional and internal medicine. He found the Institute of Regenerative Medicine with a strong belief in the natural capacity of the human body to repair tissues and heal itself. He is of the view that diagnosis of the underlying disease is only the first step in the identification of the root cause of the medical condition. He says that cure of a disease lies in removing the root cause rather than providing relief form symptoms.

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Dr. Jaime Midez, M.D.

“Our job does not finish with the diagnosis of a disease. In fact, it’s the beginning of a path toward identifying the root cause of the disease. Looking for root causes of diseases will allow us to establish a solid plan of care in each patient.”

Dr. Jaime Midez